Ready To Improve Your Health And Live Your Best Years? Live Your Best Years is a health care initiative focused on your well-being. Our mission is to positively impact, encourage, and assist our community as they live their lives to the fullest.

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We Are Committed To
Your Well-Being
Our services are provided by experienced health care professionals with a holistic wellness approach. We focus on the entire individual, utilizing our experience, resources, and tools to create personalized plans that suit your needs.

Specialty Wellness & Prevention
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Health Care

Your trusted health care partner

Our management team provides expert health care guidance nationwide. We’re honored to support overwhelmed caretakers that have a family member with complex needs. People choose us because they want help ensuring the best health care for their loved one. After a consultation with the family, our team creates a plan of what to do in terms of medical, financial, and legal obligations, giving families hope and assurance that their loved one will have the best possible care and resources. Our Care Team gives families their time back by coordinating medical appointments, as well as obtaining and advocating for coverage from insurance companies and legal resources.


Home Modification

Encourage safety in your home

We modify your home so you don't have to modify your life. Home modification management helps clients like you remain in your home, while accommodating your mobility status and other needs. Our engineer assesses, manages, and inspects the entire project start to finish, giving you timely updates.

Our team ensures all projects are completed efficiently and are the best quality, suiting your needs.


Dynamic Health

Improve your life holistically

Health coaching is designed to improve your total wellbeing. Our health coach learns about your memories and relationship to food, while also encouraging you to choose new healthful options and make slight alterations.

Coaching also allows you to have a positive goal partner that gives you the encouragement and support you need to continue onward towards living your best years.

Health & Wellness

& Care Groups

Life-changing Mindfulness & Support

We care about both your physical and mental health. Our care groups encourage and uplift individuals that are supporting loved ones going through complicated situations. You are not alone.

The Live Your Best Years care groups encourage and uplift our community by providing a safe space to talk and receive support.

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Live Your Best Years

Over 100 Years Of Combined Health Care Experience For decades, the Ivey’s have been helping their community live with the grace, dignity, and respect they deserve. From providing health care management and direct care to healthful cooking seminars, care groups and managing disability-friendly home modifications, they’ve been committed to health and wellness.

Due to their many years of healthcare experience, the Iveys feel compelled, encouraged, and excited to do what they can to help clients mitigate or prevent as many health related situations as possible. It is the Iveys heartfelt hope that they are just the start of a beautiful movement so that clients can truly Live Your Best Years.


Meet Your Best Years Team

Health Coaching Services

Donna M. Ivey

Health Care Manager & Advocate
Health Coaching Services

Tony Ivey

Project Manager/

Ashley M. Ivey

Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Certified Health Coach
Care Support Groups

Dr. April D. Ivey

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Care Group Moderator

Get Ready To Live Your Best Years