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Encouragement, Positive Partnering & Goal Setting Food is often closely linked to memories and strong emotions. Our health coach speaks with clients about their memories and relationship to food, while encouraging clients to introduce new healthful options and make slight alterations so they can move to a new level of healthfulness.

Coaching also allows clients to have a positive goal partner that gives them the encouragement they need to continue onward towards living their best years.

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Coaching Sessions Each session is provided weekly and is an invigorating 45 minutes of information, encouragement, and success planning.

The agenda always includes “The First Five”, Review & Acknowledgment of Success, and Goal Setting.

Start with a Consultation In each package, clients receive an initial 30-minute complimentary consultation with the health coach. The consultation is the start of the healthful journey and self-discovery process.

In the consultation, the client and coach discuss mind-body interactions, food relationships, goal setting, and collectively create a personalized plan of action.

Session Activities

The next step is to schedule your complimentary Discovery Call. Our goal is for you to succeed at your goals! The discovery call is designed to answer your questions about our health coaching services and how we may best benefit you.

Who’s Ready For Dinner? – Fun, Tasty & Quick Healthful Meals Certified Health Coach, Healthy Eating For Weight Loss Certification, Holistic Nutrition Certification

Ashley M. Ivey, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Healthful Chef, Health Coach

Ashley began in health care at the age of 14. She developed a love for the physical therapy field in her teens, graduated, and received her license as a Physical Therapist Assistant in 2010. Ashley has worked with clients who have had both orthopedic and neurological needs and deficits. Ashley’s passion for wellness led her to design and begin health and wellness facilities in 2012. Due to Ashley’s extensive health care and wellness experience, she is a sought-after speaker and health coach.

Ashley’s love for rehabilitation and prevention is intensified due to her own health care journey with Multiple Sclerosis. She focuses on positivity and goal setting, as well as fun and creative ways to live life.

For 2 decades, Ashley has been committed to
learning and helping those who need it most


  • Certified Health Coach
  • Healthy Eating For Weight Loss Certification
  • Holistic Nutrition Certification
  • LPTA With 21 Years Health Care Experience, 11 Years Clinical Health Care Experience
  • Assistant Administrator Of Health Care Organization
  • Co-Created Of Wellness Programs & Facilities
  • Health Seminar Speaker
  • Provides Healthful Meals For Organizations


  • Member In The Worlds
    Largest Networking
  • Medical & Wellness Personnel
  • Over 20 Years In Health Care Arena

Giving Back

  • Provided Healthful Meals & Talks At Health Seminars
  • Volunteer CEW
    Foundation Helping Youth

Your Needs

  • Personal Experience With A “Chronic Illness”
  • Caregiver for Family
    Members Chronic Illness & Dementia
  • Healthcare Advocacy For Family/Friends

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Live Your Best Years

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